API Documentation

Call: GET /api/:version/:videoid

Current versions available: v2, v3


id (str)
The interpreted video ID.
status (str)
bad.id if invalid ID.
keys (list[YouTubeService])
An array with all the server responses. THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN BEFORE! Before, this would be an array of strings. You'd use the strings as keys. Now, this array has the data directly!
api_version (int)
The API version. Breaking API changes are made by incrementing this.
Service Objects
archived (bool)
Whether the video is archived or not.
available (Optional[str])
A link to the archived material if it can be produced; null otherwise.
capcount (int)
The number of captures. Currently deprecated - the capture count sent may or may not be the true number of captures. However, it will always be a positive non-zero number if the video is archived.
error (Optional[str])
An error message if an error was encountered; otherwise, null.
lastupdated (int)
The timestamp the data was retrieved from the server. Used internally to expire cache entries.
name (str)
The name of the service. Used in the UI.
note (str)
A footnote about the service. This could be different depending on conditions. For example, the Internet Archive has an extra passage if the item is dark. Used in the UI.
rawraw (Any)
The data used to check whether the video is archived on that particular service. For example, for GhostArchive, it would be the HTTP status code.
metaonly (bool)
True if only the metadata is archived. This value should not be relied on!
comments (bool)
True if the comments are archived. This value should not be relied on!